Your cover letter is the first thing about you that any employer sees and will therefore form the basis of her initial impression of you. Im sure your cv is well structured and written, so your cover letter needs to be same!

  • Personalise the letter, finding out the name of who is interviewing for the role
  • You need to state why you are writing the letter, what you have to offer and that you would be interested in an interview for the role.
  • In your opening paragraph you can state why you would like the job, and what
    you have to offer to the organisation. Keep to the point.
  • Second paragraph can state your relevant experience and relevant skills.
  • Third paragraph will finish with a reference to enclosing your cv, and that you hope to hear from them accordingly.
  • Sign off with ‘Yours sincerely’ or ‘Yours faithfully’.
  • Keep your letter to the point and make sure its easy to read, you don’t want it to added to the junk mail pile!