Non Violent, Personal Safety, De-Escalation Training



The purpose of this Non Violent, Personal Safety, De-Escalation training is to provide healthcare employees or people looking to work in healthcare with the necessary skills to de-escalate situations and behaviour to prevent acting out episodes.


The course is designed in order to enable staff to more effectively manage patrons who act out using communication, personal safety & well-being techniques.

Lessons Include

  • Provide knowledge of the Legislation and development of policies in relation to managing workplace violence and aggression
  • Ensure participants understand the processes that contribute to the development of a crisis (stages of escalating behaviour)
  • To help participants recognise and assess an escalation in behaviour and completing a risk assessment of the individual and the environment
  • To help participants responding to aggression (non-verbal and verbal)
  • Provide participants with tips and techniques for ensuring professionalism
  • Outline personal safety techniques to prevent injury to the staff member and client
  • Post crisis intervention (staff and service user support, incident reporting, documentation


On completion candidates receive a certificate that is valid for 2 years.


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