Customer Service Training


Our customer service training courses provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to deal effectively with all types of customer queries and needs as and when they arise.


In the modern ultra competitive business environment more and more companies are seeking to differentiate themselves from the competition using outstanding customer service. Why not give yourself an advantage by partaking in this outstanding in depth interactive customer care training course where the objective is to provide all participants with the necessary skills in order for them to provide all customers with the outstanding service that may be the difference between a company being successful or not.

Customer Service Training Lessons Include

  • Define the term customer service and outline why customer service is essential to the success of any organisation (using examples)
  • Identify the basics of outstanding customer service. Employees are the permeable face of an organisation and therefor the impression you make is vital
  • Identify how excellent communication is imperative to excellent customer service. Outline how, using these communication techniques we can build long-term customer relationships.
  • Learn how to deal with unhappy customers and how to use this as an opportunity to not only display outstanding customer service but also improve the customer service standard throughout the organisation
  • Outline how outstanding customer service can help boost reputation and sales
  • Act out different Customer Service Scenarios in order to put theoretical learning into practice
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